Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Poem I Wrote

Battling Spirits

The Wind is coming.
Breaking all who stand.
Thoroughly she comes
Swiftly she moves.
Stealthily she masks her goal.

She whispers

‘Steal, kill destroy.’

“Open, let me break you.” she cries.

The light is here.
Breaking mighty winds; He enters.
Quickly, in an instant.
Radiantly he shines.


‘Look, listen, grasp.’

“Rise! I will save you!”

The Wind cautiously sneaks.
Softly she moves s behind.
Carefully she sneaks through doors yet closed.
Maliciously raising her aroma.

Murmuring lies in a distance.
Mumbling deceits are near.

“Eat. Sleep. Die.”
“Eat. Sleep. Die.” She begs.

“CHOOSE.” Light says.

The light has come.
Shattering deception’s ringing screech.
Singing of love’s deep drumming voice.
Brilliant is the light of truth.


“Pray. Live. Love…laugh! ”
He hopes… lightly.
Open the light of love.

Love, Davy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peace Is Not Necessarily What We Thought.

What is peace? Have you seen a puddle in a road? I'm sure. Its peaceful. There is not the slightest stirring in it. The water is smooth and unruffled. The colors of nature are reflected in it. Thats not peace, but stagnant death!
Have you ever seen a child spinning a top? When the top is going its fastest, its at perfect rest. The peace of God is perfection of energy; it is a healthy vigor of the soul. - OC