Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Katy Perry Is More Christian Than You Think

“Satan worshiper.” 


First of all, I like Katy Perry.  I also like Natalie Grant.
However, as a warning, this article is focused mostly on Katy Perry...(hence the title.) 

KP and NG 

Katy is talented and incredibly loyal to good music. She also has a great heart and treats everyone kindly.  The way she relates to her fans, friendliness, not cocky, authenticity is encouraging.  This is the first thing I love about any musician. One who relates to people and one who cares.

The last few days, I have seen on Social Media articles how Natalie Grant walked out on the 2014 Grammy’s.  Everyone is saying it was because of Katy Perry’s performance.  We don’t know if this is a true statement. The media or rather, “Christian media” is making it out to be a spectacle for the public to further-speculate about the real reason. Why bash a person (Katy) and make her be something less-than? Why assume Natalie walked out cause of Katie? The articles I find say, “Natalie is coy/vague” as to the reason she walked out.

Those who are speculating on the events of the Grammy’s need to step back and think where Katy Perry has come, how far she has come, her love for people, God, humanity, the world, and where she is still going.

Also, people who are speculating as to why Natalie Grant left, need to realize how far Natalie has come, how many people love her, how she has a love for God, humanity, the world, and where she is going. 

These two people: both valid musicians in their own genres, have a right to believe what they believe.  I believe they believe close-to the same things. Natalie Grant who was nominated for two grammy’s has the right to her own beliefs and opinions.  As does Katy who has a long list of awards and nominations.  Katy however has songs  that are controversial.  Thats not to say Natalie Grant doesn’t have controversial songs,  right?  

My View

As someone who watched the entire 2014 Grammy’s I can honestly say, I didn’t think Katy Perry was “worshiping satan,” at the Grammy’s.  Quite the contrary.  I can see how some would think this based on her performance, yet, I think she was being a performer. 

Katy was PERFORMING at the 2014 Grammys.  

As a fellow artist I must say it was a performance based on art and the goal of getting as close to her personal lyrics as possible.  (whether you like the song(s) or not).  If dressing up as a witch, or even in a silly stupid clown costume, then so be it.  She was being true to her music.  But I don’t believe she was being “Satanistic.” 

However, if Natalie was offended, she had a right to walk out at the same time. 

Katy And The Church 

As some “true Christians” would put it, she has “fallen away from the faith.” or, “she’s gone down a dark road.” On the contrary, she is actually living out a faith many “true Christians” don’t see, choose to not see, or don’t care about. 

Since she grew up singing in the church, (as I did), I feel obligated to write about certain things. Katy is the daughter of two ministers who travel a lot preaching and ministering. They still have a huge ministry called Hudson Ministries.  (text me later if you want to talk about the church). 

Here are some reason’s I believe she is not going down a road that is absolutely ridiculous: 

  1. She writes encouraging music to her fans. Hence songs such as: “Firework, Roar, Wide Awake, Unconditional.” And while you may disagree with me, that is ok.  
  2. Also, her encouragement for people like Sarah Bareilles, Kasey Musgraves, her fans, and more, tend to make me think she is not about herself. She’s mature.
  3. She always keeps a smile on her face, a laughter in her heart even when she does NOT win a grammy award. 
  4. She loves her family A LOT... 
  5. She supports 17+ charities

Anyway, I could go on, But more than that, I wanted to give some reasons why I think she isn’t the spawn of satan.  

Really To be frank, she’s a better Christian that a lot of us cause of how she treats others. 

In Kindness and Beauty.  


She is a different one at that.  An artist who  has been through much in her life and has come out even stronger.  She is a true musician. She plays the guitar and writes her own music.  I see where people are coming from.  I see some forms of mysticism in her act, but more than that I believe IT WAS HERS. 

If I were performing, acting, singing, dancing and so forth, I would be as creative as possible as well. 

Once more, 
The way she relates to her fans, friendliness, never cocky, and authenticity is encouraging.  This is the first thing I love about any musician. One who relates and one who cares about fans. 

Davy Desmond

Some References If you Wish: 

"Be kind, be strong, and be funny when you can." 


Davy N. Desmond