Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Katy Perry Is More Christian Than You Think

“Satan worshiper.” 


First of all, I like Katy Perry.  I also like Natalie Grant.
However, as a warning, this article is focused mostly on Katy Perry...(hence the title.) 

KP and NG 

Katy is talented and incredibly loyal to good music. She also has a great heart and treats everyone kindly.  The way she relates to her fans, friendliness, not cocky, authenticity is encouraging.  This is the first thing I love about any musician. One who relates to people and one who cares.

The last few days, I have seen on Social Media articles how Natalie Grant walked out on the 2014 Grammy’s.  Everyone is saying it was because of Katy Perry’s performance.  We don’t know if this is a true statement. The media or rather, “Christian media” is making it out to be a spectacle for the public to further-speculate about the real reason. Why bash a person (Katy) and make her be something less-than? Why assume Natalie walked out cause of Katie? The articles I find say, “Natalie is coy/vague” as to the reason she walked out.

Those who are speculating on the events of the Grammy’s need to step back and think where Katy Perry has come, how far she has come, her love for people, God, humanity, the world, and where she is still going.

Also, people who are speculating as to why Natalie Grant left, need to realize how far Natalie has come, how many people love her, how she has a love for God, humanity, the world, and where she is going. 

These two people: both valid musicians in their own genres, have a right to believe what they believe.  I believe they believe close-to the same things. Natalie Grant who was nominated for two grammy’s has the right to her own beliefs and opinions.  As does Katy who has a long list of awards and nominations.  Katy however has songs  that are controversial.  Thats not to say Natalie Grant doesn’t have controversial songs,  right?  

My View

As someone who watched the entire 2014 Grammy’s I can honestly say, I didn’t think Katy Perry was “worshiping satan,” at the Grammy’s.  Quite the contrary.  I can see how some would think this based on her performance, yet, I think she was being a performer. 

Katy was PERFORMING at the 2014 Grammys.  

As a fellow artist I must say it was a performance based on art and the goal of getting as close to her personal lyrics as possible.  (whether you like the song(s) or not).  If dressing up as a witch, or even in a silly stupid clown costume, then so be it.  She was being true to her music.  But I don’t believe she was being “Satanistic.” 

However, if Natalie was offended, she had a right to walk out at the same time. 

Katy And The Church 

As some “true Christians” would put it, she has “fallen away from the faith.” or, “she’s gone down a dark road.” On the contrary, she is actually living out a faith many “true Christians” don’t see, choose to not see, or don’t care about. 

Since she grew up singing in the church, (as I did), I feel obligated to write about certain things. Katy is the daughter of two ministers who travel a lot preaching and ministering. They still have a huge ministry called Hudson Ministries.  (text me later if you want to talk about the church). 

Here are some reason’s I believe she is not going down a road that is absolutely ridiculous: 

  1. She writes encouraging music to her fans. Hence songs such as: “Firework, Roar, Wide Awake, Unconditional.” And while you may disagree with me, that is ok.  
  2. Also, her encouragement for people like Sarah Bareilles, Kasey Musgraves, her fans, and more, tend to make me think she is not about herself. She’s mature.
  3. She always keeps a smile on her face, a laughter in her heart even when she does NOT win a grammy award. 
  4. She loves her family A LOT... 
  5. She supports 17+ charities

Anyway, I could go on, But more than that, I wanted to give some reasons why I think she isn’t the spawn of satan.  

Really To be frank, she’s a better Christian that a lot of us cause of how she treats others. 

In Kindness and Beauty.  


She is a different one at that.  An artist who  has been through much in her life and has come out even stronger.  She is a true musician. She plays the guitar and writes her own music.  I see where people are coming from.  I see some forms of mysticism in her act, but more than that I believe IT WAS HERS. 

If I were performing, acting, singing, dancing and so forth, I would be as creative as possible as well. 

Once more, 
The way she relates to her fans, friendliness, never cocky, and authenticity is encouraging.  This is the first thing I love about any musician. One who relates and one who cares about fans. 

Davy Desmond

Some References If you Wish: 

"Be kind, be strong, and be funny when you can." 


Davy N. Desmond 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My Dream 

When I was 4 I told my mom I wanted to work with the poor.  Since then, I have always had a deep and sincere love for those who cannot help themselves.  Those who are suffering.  While it is true that we are all suffering in our own way... I always felt a deeper love for those who where in physical pain while simultaneously carrying around emotional baggage. Working with people who were misunderstood and unloved. Those two things: present and present. 

Fast-forward 18 years, and I happily jumped on a plane to West Africa.

For the next 4 years I found myself in places where I didn’t understand, asked why around 50 times a day, and couldn’t deal with those in pain, suffering and hurt. 

I was confused.  My heart reached out to people, yet my heart hurt.  I tried to cover up my own mess, while caring for others, not allowing my mess to be my message. 
Surrounding me was pain I never could even begin to imagine feeling in my own body.
Pain unfathomable.

I saw things I never asked to see.
I saw things.

All around me was death at every moment.... 

Broken relationships, broken legs, breast cancer, cancer, orphans, eyes, thieves, 
widows, malaria, disease, blood, car accidents, motorcycle accidents in front of me, bus accidents where everyone died, apathy, loneliness, hurt, pain, lies... 

The list goes on. Was this really my 4 year old dream? 

It's Not About Me 

But it’s not about me.  The first couple years I thought I could handle it.  My pride yelled at me from every corner (although I wouldn’t admit it was pride till later).  I can do this.  Well, the fact is, I can’t do this. We’re all fighting a battle every day.  We cannot do it with our spouses, our finances, our jobs and dreams.  None of us can do this without peace.  Without God. We must choose our battles. Daily. 


There is pride in all our hearts, yet, how we allow God to handle it is our decision.  You see, I didn’t find this out until I went to Uganda a couple years later.  I was a little bit seasoned, and a little more 'street smart.' 


His Dream

One moment in time I found myself in a musty, dirty, jet-fuel stanching room. Surrounding me were 50 boys.  All of them living in the slums. These boys were extremely hurt, broken, needy, ugly, addicted. One day, a boy around the age of 15 came to the little hut where we had “set up camp.” His name is Hamsa.  Hamsa is an amazing boy.  

For some odd reason, or for some act of God, I was put in charge of the medical unit.  Me? In charge of something I knew little about!? What? Well, needless to say, I knew more than I thought. :) I’ve had training, and I can tell an infection is an infection.  Well this, was definitely an infection. 

You see, Hamsa had broken his leg.  Not yesterday, months ago.  The leg he broke, his right one... was protruding outside his skin.  His tibia, or more commonly known as the lower portion of his leg was infected.  Sticking out.  Infected.  Extremely. 

My team asked me lots of questions: Davy, what do we do? How do we fix it? How do we help this boy? 

“Honestly... I need air.” 

I stepped outside the hut, I knew he would die.  Within a matter of weeks this extreme infection would hit his system, and he would die.  

Why God didn’t you save him? Why did he let it get this far? Why? 
This situation was too demanding.  Too difficult. 

All I wanted to do was hold him, love him, yet, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t do anything. Anything.  Except pray. 

Except walk back in.  I cleaned the wound, wrapped his leg, 3 times the size of the left one, and told him to wait.  Just wait.  A few minutes later, my friend looked at me. “Davy, can I talk to you?”

“Whats going to happen to Hamsa?”

I told him he would die if his leg didn’t have surgery soon, and antibiotics.  

My friend looked at me dead on and said, “Then, lets choose this battle.  Let’s choose it.” 

I looked at him in the eye, and realized that this was one battle God had put our way.  We chose Hamsa that day.  Later, he was sent to surgery and out of our little pocket money, his life was spared.  The entire process of getting him to the hospital and back was extremely stressful, time-consuming and confusing.  However, Hamsa today is spared.  


It's not about me.  It's all about letting go of our pride.  At the point when I met Hamsa, I was getting to a point of being "burnt out." I was tired, I had seen it all, I had almost forgotten that Hamsa had a heart.  I was going to let this one go.  
Yet, my friend who basically slapped my pride in the face changed that.  I realized, that Hamsa had dreams like I had at 4 years old. 

Hamsa had dreams and pride like me.  Hamsa deserved life.  We chose his battle.  

So What? 

I wanted to to share Hamsa's story, because soon, I will be heading back to Uganda.  I would like you to pray for me and my team as we go into Uganda again.  Sure, it's dangerous ... just like anywhere.  Sure, I'm scared.  I would ask you all to join me in prayer and if anyway possible finances. We will be working with slum children, orphans, hospitals and widows.  Please let me know how we can pray for you as we travel.  I would love to keep up with all of you.  My email is below if you would like to be added to my newsletter listing.

How are you following your dreams today? How are you choosing your battles? 
I will miss you.


Davy Desmond

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not By Sight

"Live by faith not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

Recently God has thrown me into this whirlwind called life.  Yes, He has hit me with various choices and decisions.  To travel, to question, to graciously accept, to wonder, to pray and to hope.  This idea that my faith outweighs my sight keeps throwing itself at me.  The idea that faith is bigger than any sort of belief I have in the system, the person or the dream.  And it's coming at me 90 mph.

Often, I feel like a batter without a bat.  I stand there waiting for something to hit me, but don't know where to bat.  I don't know, because I don't have a bat in my hand.  I'm not prepared.  The pitcher throws and I turn my back in defense of my "most important parts." ;)  Why is this? Why do I turn?  Fear? Not feeling equipped? Desperation? Misunderstanding?

All the while, God is watching me and screaming at me to trust Him in the midst of craziness as I hope that life really is beautiful and wonderful. I remember last year when I was in Africa, I couldn't understand why God would allow a man to die on a motorcycle in front of our vehicle.  It was awful.  Devastating.  The moment was frightening, cold and graphic. I remember feeling extreme sadness correlated with questioning.  This man probably had a wife, kids, chickens and maybe even a business. I remember feeling a shock of fear and butterflies in my stomach for a couple days.  Not the good kind. The kind you get when you can't eat.  The kind you feel when you're nervous about something.  I wouldn't go out and ride for a couple days cause I couldn't see a bike or waterworks exploded!

Then, a miracle happened.  I took a hike with a few friends up to a mountaintop.  We got lost for a while and I wanted to turn back.  We had one radio, a few snacks, and a lot of faith.  After a few hours of arguing and debating about how to make it up through swampy grass and scary rivers, we finally summited.  The top was beautiful.  A place of gorgeous scenery and rolling hills.  We looked down at our home and the villages below.  Everything was lovely.

In that moment I realized again how faithful God is to heal and accept us for who we are today.  Not who we are tomorrow.  (Although He will do that too)... He loves us today.  He meets our darkness and loves us.  He knows we are His and no one else's. He comforts us and holds us.  All the while knowing that we are suffering.  He wants us to trust Him.  No Matter What.  To rest.  No exceptions.  No what ifs, no questions.  Just to trust.  It's easy.  We always want to make it difficult.

So, as I sit and have doubt, even now about the future... I remember how faithful God is.
To give us peace and to give us joy.

Then, my dog comes to me and asks for a hug.  He trusts me.  To love him, to feed him and to hold him.  So I pick up my bat and trust again.  I feel warmth from God, and I know it's time to run.

"We live by faith not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

Love, Davy

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Red House

It all happened so fast. 
One minute I was dreaming of traveling, seeing eternity and beyond.   The next minute all I wanted was to have it all back.  The smells, the memories, the pain, the beauty, the hurt, the sweet moments of surrender.  Potato soup, pizza nights, the smell of sage, hugging, kissing, arguing, shooting things, fireworks, tree-climbing, trampolines, bon fires, milk fights, horses, sheep, horrible chickens... The life we had created.  
Yet, often reality is not so glamorous, and everyone has to give up things they love.  To hold on too tightly would be to sin, to hold on loosely would mean never really living.  And so, we clasp our loves close to our hearts for a time... nurture them, steward them, hate them, want to leave them, and return to them, often kicking and screaming...  I was screaming all right.
I didn’t think it would be like this!
I couldn’t even walk down the hill.  Tears rolled down without my consent.  They kept coming unwarranted. I looked up again.  “Breathe, just breathe! In, out, in, out.” I kept repeating these words in my head for about 5 minutes.  I had to stop.  I had to face the place.  I always thought going back would be easy, but now I see I was attached in ...more ways than one.  Experiences, moments, hardships, tears, yelling, aching, heartbreak, laughter, holidays.  It all rushed back in a moment.  It rushed back so fast I couldn’t even tell what memories I was having anymore...  All i knew is I was crying.  
I remember when... 
...I took this place for granted.  I thought I had spent (too much) time here, and felt boxed in.  I wanted to “see the world.” And all it had to offer.  Yet, every time I would come home, I would grow even more comfortable in a place that was becoming less and less “mine,” and more “my vacation spot.” Still it was home.  It truly allowed us to live in it.  It allowed us to mistreat it sometimes, and still it stood there just for us!  Letting us live comfortably and free. 
And it really made life really good. 
The thing is, memories were made here in this little red-stucco paradise.  Beautiful ones.  Romantic ones, tragedies, mysterious stories, philosophical debates, late night movies, prayers for hope and family fights.  All things good and beautiful. Five rowdy yet lovely children were raised here... (although my parents might argue the latter part of that statement). 
It takes courage... 
...To face something you once loved and were forced to leave due to life’s hits. To walk around in it for a second and remember.  And this is exactly what I did.  The new tenant showed me around.  Not for long, but for only a few moments. I couldn’t take much more than that.  But I began to understand how much love truly went into building and living in such a wonderful place.  I loved it.  It was home, and always will be. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can I Get A .... Drumroll Please?

Dear Friends, 

Where In The World Is Davy? 
It’s been too long.  Literally too long! It was so nice to see everyone in Texas on my visit there.  I got to hold lots of babies, play in the heat and hug many necks.  It was just what I needed.  On the other hand, I have been currently working in Seattle, WA while I pray and seek God in all aspects regarding life.
I Have Not Fallen Off The Earth...

So... Guess what? I’ll be going back to Uganda.  I took some time off from Africa to rest a little and recuperate in order to figure out timing and take care of some things here.  (Also, to save money for Uganda!) 
What I’ll Be Doing 
I will be working with the same kids! :) I will be returning to work at the orphanage I was working with before.  There are 2-3 orphanages in South Uganda that I would like to establish a longer term commitment with.  I will be teaching, mothering and making sure these kids get to a very healthy place.  I will be going solo this time, (Unless you want to join)... :)  The reason for this is, I have had a hard time finding ministries working in this region.  I have considered starting a small non profit for some time, yet the time it takes to do that is daunting.  
What You Can Do 
Please pray for me. I need prayer and guidance from God to know exactly the correct time and wisdom to know exactly what to do at all times.  
Financially I know it’s difficult to help since I won’t be able to give a tax receipt to you.  If you are able to help I would be extremely grateful, (And so would the kids!).  Any bit helps.  There is an address below, and if you send a check you can put in the memo “Ministry”.  My goal is to raise $6000 dollars by September.  
Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout the years...I miss you all greatly.  I hope to see you soon.   God be with you in all you do.
Davy Desmond
2619 SW 149th Place 
Burien, WA 98166 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Miracles In The Dust or, "The Little Princess"

Once upon a time, there lived a princess. She wore a beautiful dress, and had a smile that shone from ear to ear. Every time one held her, she would gently rest her shoulder on yours in innocent comfort. Growing up, she was not held much at all, and because of this, she was in a ‘hug-deficit.’ Her parents died at a very young age, and she was left with a brother to care for. A little prince. Her skin is a light brown color, which contrasted perfectly with the color of her heart: a bright and pure-white! This little girl was smart, although there were many things she did not know. She did not know, that she was infected with HIV. She did not know that she was malnourished. She did not know that should be taking medication daily, and that she needed it soon. She did not know she was feeling sick, and this is why she was always tired. She always rested her head softly on my shoulder, although she did not even know how love-deprived she actually is.

This little girl is a gift.

Many times in our lives, we are not looking for miracles. Days we are doing mundane things, miracles seem dim and unreachable. How often are we looking for miracles in our daily lives? Often, miracles happen right in front of us, and we miss them because we are not looking. Miracles are everywhere, and they are not luck, they are gifts! Miracles are the people right in front of you. Who is in front of you today?

This little girl is a miracle.

Miracles are often defined with “BIG-attitude-mentality”, yet at times they are smaller, and much sweeter than we realize. They are often small moments that cause us to feel that...‘hmmmm!’ Sometimes, they cause us to ponder for a split second and realize how beautiful love is. Are we searching? This week, this princess is my little miracle.

This little girl currently lives in a village called “Bakka.” She is 2 years old, and is HIV+. She is extremely malnourished, and very weak. Yet, her spirit is strong. Her physical body is hard for us to see, but I believe there is hope.

This little girl is a princess.

Please pray for my little princess, as we try to get her help and treatment this week. Please pray for her heart to know Jesus' love. Let's help this little miracle have her own miracle!!

"Little Justina"

MARK 11:24 - Listen to me. You can pray for anything. If you believe, you have it. It's yours.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Towards A Deeper Sense Of Love

1st Timothy 1:5 - “The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”

As a child I haunted the local library in our small town. I would sit for hours and scroll through books with brilliant themes: adventure, intrigue, romance, hope, fear and suffering. These stories always left deep impressions on me. The stories were usually centered around children who needed help and hope for their future. Usually the stories ended well. Most of the time they ended at home, safely in bed. These children would go to sleep with a deep sense of knowing, and an even deeper sense of love, as they drifted off to read their own adventure stories.

For most children in Uganda, this is not the plot or storyline. They sleep crowded on cold concrete floors, covered by small moldy blankets. Nights are cold, and so they are forced together to avoid the weather outside. Many times they get sick because of the crowded spaces as well as their own ignorance of hygiene. They are not the children in the books I used to read. They do not have a balanced story or happy ending, and definitely not a balanced diet. Their story does not include intrigue, genuine romance, or adventures in the forest. Mostly they are fearful of the night. They suffer from hunger, and are forced to risk their lives on the streets, just for a little cash.

For as long I can remember, I have always had a deep sense of love. From wonderful parents, amazing support, incredible friends and (oh yeah) an even better God. Recently this understanding has been even more apparent as I think about the questions asked of me, “why do you do what you do?” Apart from the age old answer, “my faith,” there IS IN FACT a deep sense of love I feel. Many do not have this, and it is injustice. The real reason behind what I do, is because I understand true love. I have always felt a “safe place,” with that deeper knowledge of love. I sensed it and felt it from day one. I often become so overwhelmed I get teary-eyed with gratitude. I never had to prove myself worthy, good or beautiful. All I had to do was be born. When a baby is born they are loved immediately . No good deeds, just crying and poop.

To believe in a deeper sense of love is exactly what I desire to people everywhere believe, and right now God has me in Uganda. So, to believe in a deeper sense of love is exactly what I desire this nation to CLAIM!!

I desire each one believes in love so much, that their little hearts burst with joy. Uncontrollable joy! My hope is that, at the end of the day they can trust they are understood as they go to bed safely-loved. They will know deep in their soul that the love they feel is real. Love that is much deeper than any social structure or abusive relationship can offer. My prayer for each one is that they will know how loved they are. I hope their story will incorporate adventure, hope, joy, beauty and love.

Suffering is always a factor, so my hope is a deeper sense of love becomes a lifestyle through hard times.

To believe in a deeper sense of love.

To believe in a deeper sense of love... in God.