Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Name. Dream. Destiny.

Everyone has a big dream, not many choose to follow this dream. What is your Big Dream? Most choose not to follow it from discouragement and still comfortable living in the land of familiar. Many choose not to follow it because of circumstances which appear to be giants or mountains. . In our age, "Time and Money."

These are not giants. They are only little bumps in the road.
I have a Big Dream. I have a dream to help many children in Africa come to know their Name, Dream, and Destiny. The road is long and hard to accomplishing this well. I am choosing this journey. Will you join me?

What is your Big Dream? Are you choosing to jump into the river of unfamiliar? Are you ready to pay off college loans the next then years to accomplish it? Are you ready to occasionally forgo your 'food budget' to get there? Are you ready to say good-bye to dear friends and family to get there? Probably not!! However, it's worth it to see the Big Dream come true!

So jump. Lets do it together. The waterfall is big!

I'm Moving to Seattle, then Africa... to get one step further to this goal!
What are you doing to get to yours? Everything in your power?

Africa awaits me. Thousands of children await God. Here we come. Together.
- What are your dreams?
- Davy Desmond

Friday, July 2, 2010

To Say I Am Above, that.

Loving Humanity

I have made mistakes this year. Often on a daily basis, and sometimes hurting others or myself unexpectedly. Is this ok? Surely not. However, it does demonstrate my humanity and reiterate the point of Christ’s death. The more I embrace my humanity, the more I graciously forgive others and learn to love God with a pure heart. How fantastic, the feeling of accepting who we are through our imperfections: a sinner, a saint, and a little lower than the angels! Our humanity is a precious gift.

Learning Lessons for Good

I have learned from these mistakes. I am not above the decision, but I am carefully above making the same mistake twice. ‘I learned my lesson,’ so to speak. I learned Christ’s heart for us to walk consistently in the light and truth. In Genesis God uses a good example of Cain and Abel. When Cain was depressed, the devil had a perfect opportunity to temp him. “When you are tempted, … “do not put yourself in this position and give room to sin,”

Lessons from Cain

Cain and Abel show a very intriguing dilemma and practical applications for our lives today. Abel came before God with everything. Cain still had pieces of his heart hidden away not willing to donate. Because of his double life, God tells Abel He is pleased and tells Cain to hit the road! God graciously gives Cain a second chance, yet instead, Cain abuses the chances and murders his brother. In Genesis, God says to Cain, “When you are doing well, will not your countenance be lifted up? But when you do not do well, sin is crouching at your door; and it’s desire is for you, but you must be the master over it.” This is an amazing revelation. When we are unhappy, sin is ready to enter in!! It lurks, just waiting for someone around us to say hurtful words, a loved one to die, a friend to let us down, and our dad to forget to pick us up from work. When we are lonely, abused, forgotten, hungry, poor, worried, anxious, sin is just waiting to pounce! In these certain situations, the devil’s lies are ready to pounce and give us a little taste of poison. Will you give in and murder like Cain? Or, will you decide today to be ready to recognize the devil when you’re depressed, and walk away? Will you give in to sexual sin? Or, will you choose beforehand not to be in the room alone in that situation presupposing that it could happen? Will you cheat on your wife, because another woman seems intriguing? Or, will you decide now NOT to go on that walk again? What boundaries are we placing in our lives so we humbly say “I am above that, because I have chosen a better path already.” This is not pride. To say I will not sin because of a prior “boundary - decision” is, a human merely relying on God!

Above The Sin Because of Friends

I am “above,” has the appearance of pride. My heart is the defining factor in proclaiming being “above,” something. I am not “above” the sin, but I am “above” the temptation. I now surround myself with patterns, habits, people, communities, lifestyles, books and major influences that enable me to say with dignity, “I will never go there.” “I will never become an alcoholic.” “I will not have sex before marriage.” “I will not eat that.” “I will not drink too much.” These presupposed decisions are the things that keep us in check and help to keep these boundaries for our humanity.
Without them, we most always follow the crowd and patterns that used to control us. For example, when I was going to counseling, the assessment questions that are asked of were, “Who do you hang out with?” “How much do your friends drink?” “How much do you friends party?” “How many different partners do you sleep with on a weekly basis?” “Do you take depression tablets or sleeping pills?” As much as I would like to admit I am fine to hang with people who have “worldly” tendencies, I honestly know and believe their patterns always lead down dark roads. Pride tells us we are perfect, humility embraces our imperfection and allows God to work.

To say I am above.

Today, I choose to accept love and truth. To follow a rulebook which helps me love more. I choose to embrace my humanity and not put myself in situations with people who could bring me down. I’m not saying I will never hang out with people who drink, smoke, cuss etc… I’m only saying I choose to not do it excessively. My support group will not be those who bring me down. I am only human, and could be tempted if I’m down. So, today I choose to not think of myself too much which equals depression. I choose to live simply as to not have any idols whatsoever. I choose to be careful with my words to not slip up saying God's name in vain. I choose to set time apart for God, to rest. I choose to respect my parents no matter how they may have hurt me before. I choose to control my anger as to not murder. I choose not to hang out with married men although they may be my close friends. I choose to bring money to the store so I won’t steal. I choose to not lie. I choose to pray against jealousy so I do not covet... I choose to I choose to dream big, and remember God! I choose to love others and serve them more than myself. One of my good friends always says, “A life unto ourselves in no life at all.” She is right, as we choose to live in truth, the reality of this statement becomes true! What boundaries are you setting for yourself today? What human boundaries are we all participating in to help us focus fully and only on God?