Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Reminder.

1st Peter 5:9
6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

“Keep my heart's eyes on Christ today, and everything else will be ok.” Or,
“Keep my eyes on Christ, and everything else will be alright.”

This has been my life-theme these past few months. My mantra, if you will. For clarity, allow me to define ‘ok’ in this slogan. Yes, I’m fully aware that a life with Christ is ‘excellent.’ The ‘ok’ is not referring to God’s view of what He wants our lives, but rather our utter reliance on Christ. View it in the attitude of ‘no worries, anxieties or fears.’ Yes, I know God’s highest. ‘Ok' in this sense means… we will make through the day, and Yes it will be amazing. I have so many tasks, responsibilities, multitasking and constant stimulation, that I have no choice but to repeat myself this truth; daily. I hope you will choose this also. So, hang on kids and follow me for a moment…

This quote is the declaration I have made as my allegorical daily banner. I choose to walk with Him on a daily basis. It is my wake-up call, (and I must is a lot sweeter than Folgers). Is it easy to follow? Paradoxically, yes and no. Jesus said it would not be easy, therefore I don't expect, it in this world. However, when our eyes are solely on Him, it's a constant vacation of the soul and a surprising adventure. Without this daily reminder that I am still in the process of transformation, I would mess it all up. How lovely it is to let go, and know I am not in control! In many ways it is easier to stay the same, yet, a growing sense that God is breathing life into me that is both beautiful and terrifying.

"In the spiritual journey we also face moments of temptation to return to the land of our slavery. It's safe, secure, and known. Where God is taking us is risky and unknown and requires deeper trust, courage and greater maturity No matter the nature of our awakening--feminine or masculine--each of us faces aspects of our human condition from which we long to be free. Perhaps the bondage is an addiction or a self-perception, an attitude or a posture. Whatever the shade of our personal slavery, longing forces us to actively wait, thereby keeping us anchored in the journey toward freedom...This kind of longing keep us submitted to the transformational work of God in us."

No matter how much we know or think we know about God, our journey towards humility will never end. Our ‘heart’s eye’ must constantly be reminded that in all things we must glorify Him. May we be reminded to keep our eyes at a constant focus of love for God. Our journey towards humility will never end, until the day we see Him. I pray that we will pray for humble eyes for Christ
Blessings in the waiting period friends! It's an exciting journey towards an integrated life of freedom. Exciting? Let me hear amen.

Davy Desmond

If you want, you will suffer; if you love, you will grieve.

I had a lot of time to wait, sit and think over the Christmas holidays. Truly, life is all about the waiting. I found myself in places I didn't choose. Situations out of my control. Freeing? Yes. The nursing home, the hospital, in the car etc... Often, I was helping sign papers for my aunt who has chosen a life of depression and lost the will-to-live. I became friends with the nurses and had an enjoyable experience. Still, it was sad that a person can choose a life of isolation by consistently shutting people out over time, to the point of a hospital bed. In life, we choose our course depending on how we view Christ's love for us and how we define true freedom. She is now choosing a life of bondage and entitlement, not a life of gratitude.

I am tired of seeing people not become fully themselves. As humans we are constantly surrounded by people suffering and in grief. I am bombarded with people around me who are checking into hospitals, blaming others and surrounding themselves with people who are completely self-centered. People not taking 100% responsibility for their own decisions, and feeling entitled to everything. When we are let down, we want to blame someone else. Playing the victim, again. What happens? Confusion. The exact thing God is asking us to FLEE from, and the only thing the devil wants to feed! We are always giving less than our best because of the confusion we feed. Often played out in the physical form of laundry lists, grocery lists, video games, drugs, stress, music and more. It's our "just give me something to do," mentality. "Give me anything to take away these voices." Then, it occurred to me, THE LONGER MY LIST, THE LESS MY TRUST IN GOD." It's hard to just sit and be isn't it? It's hard to just be loved sometimes? To believe that when we grieve, Jesus did too...

"God sent Jesus to join the human experience, which means to make a lot of mistakes. Jesus didn't arrive here knowing how to walk. He had fingers and toes, confusion, sexual feelings, crazy human internal processes. He had the same prejudices as the rest of his tribe: he had to learn that the Canaanite woman was a person. He had to suffer the hardships and tedium and setbacks of being a regular person. If he hadn't the incarnation would mean nothing."

Do you believe that Jesus came to join with us? Do you believe he came and experienced grief, sitting, waiting, thinking, reading, writing, feeling, eating, throw-up, cried, sneezed, stumbled, told jokes and laughed? Do you also believe He came to give life, true freedom and genuine love? Do you believe He suffered with us in our weakness? So much so, that we don't have to blame others? Do you believe He wants so badly your heart that he suffered? Do you believe he loves so deeply, He grieves still? The more we believe in this power... the more we are free, and grateful to be truly ourselves in Him.

"You were loved because God loves, period. God loved you, and everyone, not because you believed in certain things, but because you were a mess, and lonely, and His or Her child. God loved you no matter how crazy you felt on the inside, no matter what a fake you were; always, even in your current condition, even before coffee. God loves you crazily, like I love a slightly overweight auntie, who sees only your marvelousness and need."

I don't ever want to find myself in a place where I'm in a nursing home at a young age, blaming others. The secret to freedom and truly living in Christ is a heart of gratefulness. Out of a heart of gratitude flows the joy of life.

To steal from Anne Lamott, "Gratitude, not understanding, it's the secret to joy and equanimity".

What kind of Jesus do you believe in today? A Jesus who hears and suffers still with us, that nothing else matters? Do you believe in a Jesus of grace, grace, grace? Or, do you believe in a Jesus who demands rules, regulations and bondage? Who demands a checklist and a certain way to do things? Where do you want to be in 20 years? What choices are leading you to live a full life of love for others and complete joy in today? What choices are you making towards community, life and freedom? When your life is over, can you honestly say you were free? Be IN-COURAGED!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Love Project

A Year Of Love

"Whoever loves money never has money enough.- To gain the whole world, yet lose his very self." - Jesus

As I watch the state of our economy plummet, I realize more daily that we are leaving this world quickly. "You never know when you're gonna go," seems to be my motto these days. Morbid you may say? No. Truly, it's a response to the extreme desire to live a full and good life. The economy is increasingly giving us warnings. However, there is still an overwhelming social compulsion - an insanity of consensus, if you will to get rich from life rather than to live richly, to "do well" in the world instead of living well. And in spite of the fact that America is famous for its unhappy rich people, most of us remain convinced that just a little more money will set life right. All we need to do, is just buy one more lottery ticket.

Due to the realities of living richly in the age of an overarching depression lurking with every swipe of the card... I have decided to travel. I am excited for the journeys this next year will bring. I will be journeying To Africa, Europe and beyond. Spreading the hope and joy of God to all who are willing to listen. I will be interviewing hundreds on our favorite topic. "Love" -- The only thing that is the greatest. I will be conducting interviews, recording many, keeping a journal and writing my book.

May you be blessed as you read and continue your journey. Happy Travels!

Feel free to follow me on this blog, facebook or meet up in Europe!

Thoughts to Consider on Your Journey:

1) To be a light in the darkness. To open windows into musty houses. To pray with the dying. To sit, talk, stand and laugh with anyone. To eat at the tables of those who are in despair. To live my life as Jesus did.
2) Encouraging others to live an integrated and creative lifestyle.

Good Quotes I love:

From this hour I ordain myself loss'd of limits and imaginary lines, Going where I list, my own master total and absolute, Listening to others, considering well what they say, Pausing, searching, receiving and contemplating, Gently, but with undeniable will divesting myself of the holds that would hold me. - Walt Whitman, "Song of the Open Road"

The greatest happiness of life it the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. -Victor Marie Hugo

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us – Helen Keller

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"In and Out," But Not, "Of."

New seasons bring new perspectives to every aspect. Not monthly, not weekly, not daily, but mostly...hourly.

This season/moment made me understand God's beauty more vividly.

View from my place.

This Season brought clarity to my imperfections.

Daisy in season.

This season assured me I'm connected to much more than others.

And this season however, reminded me of what I was made for.

I was reminded of our ultimate paradox of choice today, Micah 6:8.

He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Walking with God, is the most crucial to His glorifying feature. My I always do this Lord in every season and moment.

Please continue to pray for the children all over the world who do not have a home to sleep in, a pillow, but most of all LOVE. Please pray for mercy, justice and God's love to transform lives daily. His will to be done here on earth the same as His will is in heaven. Thank you for all your support.

Loving the Season,
Davy Desmond

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Name. Dream. Destiny.

Everyone has a big dream, not many choose to follow this dream. What is your Big Dream? Most choose not to follow it from discouragement and still comfortable living in the land of familiar. Many choose not to follow it because of circumstances which appear to be giants or mountains. . In our age, "Time and Money."

These are not giants. They are only little bumps in the road.
I have a Big Dream. I have a dream to help many children in Africa come to know their Name, Dream, and Destiny. The road is long and hard to accomplishing this well. I am choosing this journey. Will you join me?

What is your Big Dream? Are you choosing to jump into the river of unfamiliar? Are you ready to pay off college loans the next then years to accomplish it? Are you ready to occasionally forgo your 'food budget' to get there? Are you ready to say good-bye to dear friends and family to get there? Probably not!! However, it's worth it to see the Big Dream come true!

So jump. Lets do it together. The waterfall is big!

I'm Moving to Seattle, then Africa... to get one step further to this goal!
What are you doing to get to yours? Everything in your power?

Africa awaits me. Thousands of children await God. Here we come. Together.
- What are your dreams?
- Davy Desmond

Friday, July 2, 2010

To Say I Am Above, that.

Loving Humanity

I have made mistakes this year. Often on a daily basis, and sometimes hurting others or myself unexpectedly. Is this ok? Surely not. However, it does demonstrate my humanity and reiterate the point of Christ’s death. The more I embrace my humanity, the more I graciously forgive others and learn to love God with a pure heart. How fantastic, the feeling of accepting who we are through our imperfections: a sinner, a saint, and a little lower than the angels! Our humanity is a precious gift.

Learning Lessons for Good

I have learned from these mistakes. I am not above the decision, but I am carefully above making the same mistake twice. ‘I learned my lesson,’ so to speak. I learned Christ’s heart for us to walk consistently in the light and truth. In Genesis God uses a good example of Cain and Abel. When Cain was depressed, the devil had a perfect opportunity to temp him. “When you are tempted, … “do not put yourself in this position and give room to sin,”

Lessons from Cain

Cain and Abel show a very intriguing dilemma and practical applications for our lives today. Abel came before God with everything. Cain still had pieces of his heart hidden away not willing to donate. Because of his double life, God tells Abel He is pleased and tells Cain to hit the road! God graciously gives Cain a second chance, yet instead, Cain abuses the chances and murders his brother. In Genesis, God says to Cain, “When you are doing well, will not your countenance be lifted up? But when you do not do well, sin is crouching at your door; and it’s desire is for you, but you must be the master over it.” This is an amazing revelation. When we are unhappy, sin is ready to enter in!! It lurks, just waiting for someone around us to say hurtful words, a loved one to die, a friend to let us down, and our dad to forget to pick us up from work. When we are lonely, abused, forgotten, hungry, poor, worried, anxious, sin is just waiting to pounce! In these certain situations, the devil’s lies are ready to pounce and give us a little taste of poison. Will you give in and murder like Cain? Or, will you decide today to be ready to recognize the devil when you’re depressed, and walk away? Will you give in to sexual sin? Or, will you choose beforehand not to be in the room alone in that situation presupposing that it could happen? Will you cheat on your wife, because another woman seems intriguing? Or, will you decide now NOT to go on that walk again? What boundaries are we placing in our lives so we humbly say “I am above that, because I have chosen a better path already.” This is not pride. To say I will not sin because of a prior “boundary - decision” is, a human merely relying on God!

Above The Sin Because of Friends

I am “above,” has the appearance of pride. My heart is the defining factor in proclaiming being “above,” something. I am not “above” the sin, but I am “above” the temptation. I now surround myself with patterns, habits, people, communities, lifestyles, books and major influences that enable me to say with dignity, “I will never go there.” “I will never become an alcoholic.” “I will not have sex before marriage.” “I will not eat that.” “I will not drink too much.” These presupposed decisions are the things that keep us in check and help to keep these boundaries for our humanity.
Without them, we most always follow the crowd and patterns that used to control us. For example, when I was going to counseling, the assessment questions that are asked of were, “Who do you hang out with?” “How much do your friends drink?” “How much do you friends party?” “How many different partners do you sleep with on a weekly basis?” “Do you take depression tablets or sleeping pills?” As much as I would like to admit I am fine to hang with people who have “worldly” tendencies, I honestly know and believe their patterns always lead down dark roads. Pride tells us we are perfect, humility embraces our imperfection and allows God to work.

To say I am above.

Today, I choose to accept love and truth. To follow a rulebook which helps me love more. I choose to embrace my humanity and not put myself in situations with people who could bring me down. I’m not saying I will never hang out with people who drink, smoke, cuss etc… I’m only saying I choose to not do it excessively. My support group will not be those who bring me down. I am only human, and could be tempted if I’m down. So, today I choose to not think of myself too much which equals depression. I choose to live simply as to not have any idols whatsoever. I choose to be careful with my words to not slip up saying God's name in vain. I choose to set time apart for God, to rest. I choose to respect my parents no matter how they may have hurt me before. I choose to control my anger as to not murder. I choose not to hang out with married men although they may be my close friends. I choose to bring money to the store so I won’t steal. I choose to not lie. I choose to pray against jealousy so I do not covet... I choose to I choose to dream big, and remember God! I choose to love others and serve them more than myself. One of my good friends always says, “A life unto ourselves in no life at all.” She is right, as we choose to live in truth, the reality of this statement becomes true! What boundaries are you setting for yourself today? What human boundaries are we all participating in to help us focus fully and only on God?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Poem I Wrote

Battling Spirits

The Wind is coming.
Breaking all who stand.
Thoroughly she comes
Swiftly she moves.
Stealthily she masks her goal.

She whispers

‘Steal, kill destroy.’

“Open, let me break you.” she cries.

The light is here.
Breaking mighty winds; He enters.
Quickly, in an instant.
Radiantly he shines.


‘Look, listen, grasp.’

“Rise! I will save you!”

The Wind cautiously sneaks.
Softly she moves s behind.
Carefully she sneaks through doors yet closed.
Maliciously raising her aroma.

Murmuring lies in a distance.
Mumbling deceits are near.

“Eat. Sleep. Die.”
“Eat. Sleep. Die.” She begs.

“CHOOSE.” Light says.

The light has come.
Shattering deception’s ringing screech.
Singing of love’s deep drumming voice.
Brilliant is the light of truth.


“Pray. Live. Love…laugh! ”
He hopes… lightly.
Open the light of love.

Love, Davy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peace Is Not Necessarily What We Thought.

What is peace? Have you seen a puddle in a road? I'm sure. Its peaceful. There is not the slightest stirring in it. The water is smooth and unruffled. The colors of nature are reflected in it. Thats not peace, but stagnant death!
Have you ever seen a child spinning a top? When the top is going its fastest, its at perfect rest. The peace of God is perfection of energy; it is a healthy vigor of the soul. - OC

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Long Silence

I did not write this, yet it's clever and worth the read! Enjoi.

At the end of time, billions of people were seated on a great plain before God’s throne. Most shrank back from the brilliant light before them. But some groups near the front talked heatedly, not cringing with cringing shame – but with belligerence.

“Can God judge us? How can He know about suffering?”, snapped a pert young brunette. She ripped open a sleeve to reveal a tattooed number from a Nazi concentration camp. “We endured terror … beatings … torture … death!”

In another group a negro boy (sic) lowered his collar. “What about this?” he demanded, showing an ugly rope burn. “Lynched, for no crime but being black!”

In another crowd there was a pregnant schoolgirl with sullen eyes: “Why should I suffer?” she murmured. “It wasn’t my fault.”

Far out across the plain were hundreds of such groups. Each had a complaint against God for the evil and suffering He had permitted in His world. How lucky God was to live in Heaven, where all was sweetness and light. Where there was no weeping or fear, no hunger or hatred. What did God know of all that man had been forced to endure in this world? For God leads a pretty sheltered life, they said.

So each of these groups sent forth their leader, chosen because he had suffered the most. A Jew, a negro (sic), a person from Hiroshima, a horribly deformed arthritic, a thalidomide child. In the center of the vast plain, they consulted with each other. At last they were ready to present their case. It was rather clever.

Before God could be qualified to be their judge, He must endure what they had endured. Their decision was that God should be sentenced to live on earth as a man.

Let him be born a Jew. Let the legitimacy of his birth be doubted. Give him a work so difficult that even his family will think him out of his mind. Let him be betrayed by his closest friends. Let him face false charges, be tried by a prejudiced jury and convicted by a cowardly judge. Let him be tortured. At the last, let him see what it means to be terribly alone. Then let him die so there can be no doubt he died. Let there be a great host of witnesses to verify it.

As each leader announced his portion of the sentence, loud murmurs of approval went up from the throng of people assembled. When the last had finished pronouncing sentence, there was a long silence. No one uttered a word. No one moved.

For suddenly, all knew that God had already served His sentence.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All I Need Is Love? My Testimony(s)

Love has always known me, as I have always known Love. I sensed it, the moment I felt a warm towel wrapping me after a bath. I heard it, when two doves cooed me awake each day one summer. I tasted it, as I ate a warm slice of pineapple-upside- down cake in my grandma’s kitchen. I saw it, when I met my first love. I heard it, when I listened to a hungry orphan cry in my arms.

“The Pursuit” began for me, in a hospital bed at age four. I remember lying on the cold, hard, uncomfortable bed, painfully struggling through a fatal disease. I should have felt alone. I should have died. Mysteriously, I knew I was not abandoned. In my heart I knew, there was more for me, and so I never worried. In my room, I felt deep warmth. This warmth was Love, and it was then I believed in His power.

At age five, the battle began. Insecurities, fears, and physical pains: Sin. “I have discovered this principle of life--that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong, and evil is in me” – Romans 7:21. I lived a while, with this confusion. Yet, still, lingering in the back of my mind remained a small voice--thought saying: ‘Davy…Believe in Love, Love believes in you!’

At six, I knew I would go to Africa, because Love told me to. I would one-day work with orphans. A light bulb went off, and sunk into my heart with an explosion. Then, the waiting and preparation began.
Years past in a blur, and I chose to push Love away. I ran my own way, and chose easy—worldly-- living… Or so I thought. Parties, people, travel, school, food, busy-work, cooking, dancing, studying, dating and working… just to name a few. All these ‘Martha-fillers’ distracted me from the true Love and freedom I had once known. I was running so fast, I almost killed myself… literally.

One day in the fall, Love stopped me in my tracks. He pursued me again. “For humans, it is so hard to believe in love, because it is hard to obey.” Memories of my hospital bed flooded back, as I lay (not on a hospital bed), but on a cold, drafty jail-cell. What had happened to the Love I knew? What had happened to childlike belief and true Faith? What had ever happened to the perfect child, Love wanted me to become? Where was my trust in others? Where was my freedom? In one night, all the worldly things I deemed important vanished in a moment of brokenness... but He was still chasing me. Love found me again that night. I did not find Love. Redemption is the key to knowing Love’s heart, and mercy was the act. Love came down and wrapped me in His arms that cold, unforgettable night, and showed me that there is hope! No pit is so deep that Love’s grace is not deeper still. No amount of mistakes, shame, hiding and fear could ever separate me from Love. No matter what I had done, Love pursued me, passionately.

I’m here to tell you today, that no matter how much you run… Stop running! It’s not worth it to run from Love! Love is God. God is Love. To run from Love, is counterintuitive to its whole message of Life. Love is always with you and always present. You cannot run or hide from Love. Love will find you! Love is not something you can physically escape. The more you believe in the works of Love, and the more you accept its truth, the more you know God love yourself, and others. Also, the more you believe people love you for who you are, the more you understand God’s Love. Love cannot hide itself… when it is real. No matter what areas of life you are hiding under… He will find you. So, get out from under your man-made lampshades and false realities and live!!

Love knows me more than I know myself. It has always known me. God has known me, when He touched the dirt and formed my fragile frame. God has identified with me, when He heard me crying on a hospital bench. God has tasted, when I prayed in desperation for food. God saw me, as my heart was breaking after I witnessed brutal tragic death. God heard me, when my songs were overwhelming with gratitude. He sent His only son to suffer and experience my life. Jesus became Love for me, in order to feel, hear, taste, touch and see everything I did. Love (AKA JESUS) truly understood me, because He was me, looking through my mortal glasses, living in my shoes! Not one ounce of pain I feel, and will feel…He has not felt. Not one ounce!
I know what Love is. Believing in Love is true reality, and I have found the key to eternal life is found in the burning, compassionate, flaming Love of Christ. He is mine, and I am His… beloved. He altered himself for me. “Love does not alter the beloved, it alters itself.”

All I need is Love. All YOU need is Love All we need is Love.

Friday, April 16, 2010

11 Helpings of Inspirations In an Integrated Day

1.) Spend time with God however He presents Himself/Herself that day.
2.) An outstanding beverage? Coffee. Drink it! Full of antioxidants, helping you continue in productivity, health and wealth.
3.) Slept in at least twice this week.
4.) Didn't make it to church on Sunday. Stayed home, and didn't beat myself up over it! Instead, do something with God alone without that fear of what people “think” of your absence. Legalism = Death
5.) Find space in a cozy chair, to sit. Then, run a while and laugh lots.
6.) Journal a bit. Never to catch up... only Present, here and now.
7.) Light a vanilla scented candle.
8.) Hopped a fence with my best friend Julie.
9.) Holding a baby a bit.
10.) Smoking almonds, currently eating them like water.
11.) Hit the gym, followed by a rock concert.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Real

I sit in my semi - comfy, brown, normal rocking chair. I look at my grandfather watching a program on TV as a man from the music video sings with passion to the audience, “this is what people want... to dance and sing and be merry! This is reality guys, and if you don’t change your marketing procedures, no one will listen to you!!” Rolling my eyes I think… “What if this life is not reality? What if true reality is that which I cannot see? What if my life were different than what I perceive to be reality? What if the daily reality I see -- with my little raccoon eyes, is not a valid picture of reality at all? Reality is something I cannot comprehend. Reality comprehends me.

Reality comprehends me because reality is nothing I can obtain or grasp. It has understood my plight long before I came into existence. Reality in it’s purest form is by definition… the after life; a circumstance that lives and breaths -- a place, a word that isn’t a word at all… it’s a place full of life! It’s a spiritual area… a moment of eternity. Call it heaven? Call it truth for a moment. Call reality a sparkle in a child’s eye. Call it a belief in love or the fulfillment of a medium rare steak. Reality was there before I was born… I promise you… It understands us more than we understand ourselves. It’s an incredible creature we cannot see.

What if reality is not what I see, and only what I believe from hearing and trusting? What if reality and the truth of reality is something I cannot understand or see? What if? What if there is a God I cannot control? To not control something? Oh, God forbid! What if reality had nothing to do with temporal morality? What if morality though, has everything to do with ONLY eternity? Am I over spiritualizing? Would I matter, if the reality we see in this life from material things is, in its very nature—only the taste of spiritual heavens in the next life? If so, then reality is truth we choose to block out on a daily basis, through covering up feelings by temporal enjoyments or merely what we perceive to be truth in our daily lives.

What if the woman next to me is more a part of me than I realize? She is me. She is me? She has the same worries, same struggles, fears and likes. She enjoys the comfort of good food, same standard of music likings, loves to read and write, likes chex mix, desires to eat healthy yet busts it with a burger sometimes, really enjoys eclectic middle names, latte’s with no sugar, dry salads, dark red wines, working out, hates sitting down, and loves for the poor deeply.

“The very thing that I once thought made me unique makes me like everyone else. We are all the same in reality with skin to cover this reality. ”

What a paradox? To feel unique as a human, yet know we are similar and in reality all the same...destined to go to true reality. To covet similarity and common ground, yet desiring independence and want to “feel unique and special” depending how our passions guide us.

We assume that those who have ‘made it,’ in life have it all together. Reality cries out from the street and says…. No one knows. The truth is crying out yet we choose to run from it desiring uniqueness in our own nature -- which is pride.

I look up; my grandpa stretches out his toes. He is tired and getting older. He might think ‘what an interesting program on TV!’ Is he watching this to drown out his sorrow and pain he feels from his late wife’s death? Does he truly enjoy watching this tiring and annoying television show? Really, reality?

“Truth and reality are connected in almost a marriage relationship. Reality is not what I see, but what I know will come. Truth is what I do not see. Truth is what I cannot understand. Truth is a life after I am dead. Truth is the next life. So, what is important? Seeking others in the truth of who they will be, not how they see themselves right now. If we see truth in others as the finished work, then we will see them as a beautiful, incredible individuals with potential to always grow and thrive. We will see others not as objects, but as true loving friends who always tell the truth. To desire to walk in constant surrender of those who are in our face daily.

So, what is truth and reality in the temporal? Allowing God to posses you with the reality of a next life. Allowing your neighbor the love and respect you will one day show them in a life after this. Loving the truth of the person you do not know in the car next to you. Loving the truth about the loneliness of this life as well. Loving, that we are all in this thing we entitle with such a simple and extremely under-appreciated word… “life.” We all have felt the pain and sting of hardship in one way or another, whether it be growing pangs or physical ailments. Mental philosophical hardships or monthly gym fees! From the struggle of spending too much money on trivial enjoyments... while really wanting to save it. These things we worry about don’t really matter because in reality -- we are all in heaven already. This earthly life is only a dot in the string of dots to come.

An interesting thought, considering we cannot ‘see’ eternity… only know it is truthful reality based upon belief.

I get up; I stumble softly over the shoe in front of me, as I walk out of my scene of ambiguous thought to physical reality. “Ouch, that toe again! I always stub the same toe…” I pause, laugh in my heart a bit and think, “how wonderful it is that we all have stubbed our toes at different moments in time—yet all we see and think at that moment is how we feel.” In eternal reality we all enjoy the same things, love the same foods in different forms, hate the pain of toe-stubbing and recognize the uniqueness of each person and the potential he or she offers. What a beautiful confusion, what joyous bewilderment, what an illusion of certainty!!

Laughing, I consider how I love the similarity of humans, all of us living on the same ground. Building houses for ourselves on the top of it yet segregating ourselves...for no reason at all. Believing that ‘my life,’ is to have a house of my own, a cute dog and a cup of ice cream every once in a while. However, in truth… these things are what we all desire, yet ultimately to help others… the issue is that we cannot do it on our own.

We are all the same, and its time to recognize our similarities. We all struggle with the same things in different forms. What we choose to do with these differences is up to us. How we choose to act the next time we stub our toes, get pulled over and have coffee with a friend is up to us? Will we enjoy it, knowing that in a few short years this 'dot' we call life will be a 'string of dots,' in the next? Will we live in right reality or only think about ourselves? Reality is something I cannot understand. Reality is something that understands me.

peace, Davy Nicole