Monday, October 31, 2011

Miracles In The Dust or, "The Little Princess"

Once upon a time, there lived a princess. She wore a beautiful dress, and had a smile that shone from ear to ear. Every time one held her, she would gently rest her shoulder on yours in innocent comfort. Growing up, she was not held much at all, and because of this, she was in a ‘hug-deficit.’ Her parents died at a very young age, and she was left with a brother to care for. A little prince. Her skin is a light brown color, which contrasted perfectly with the color of her heart: a bright and pure-white! This little girl was smart, although there were many things she did not know. She did not know, that she was infected with HIV. She did not know that she was malnourished. She did not know that should be taking medication daily, and that she needed it soon. She did not know she was feeling sick, and this is why she was always tired. She always rested her head softly on my shoulder, although she did not even know how love-deprived she actually is.

This little girl is a gift.

Many times in our lives, we are not looking for miracles. Days we are doing mundane things, miracles seem dim and unreachable. How often are we looking for miracles in our daily lives? Often, miracles happen right in front of us, and we miss them because we are not looking. Miracles are everywhere, and they are not luck, they are gifts! Miracles are the people right in front of you. Who is in front of you today?

This little girl is a miracle.

Miracles are often defined with “BIG-attitude-mentality”, yet at times they are smaller, and much sweeter than we realize. They are often small moments that cause us to feel that...‘hmmmm!’ Sometimes, they cause us to ponder for a split second and realize how beautiful love is. Are we searching? This week, this princess is my little miracle.

This little girl currently lives in a village called “Bakka.” She is 2 years old, and is HIV+. She is extremely malnourished, and very weak. Yet, her spirit is strong. Her physical body is hard for us to see, but I believe there is hope.

This little girl is a princess.

Please pray for my little princess, as we try to get her help and treatment this week. Please pray for her heart to know Jesus' love. Let's help this little miracle have her own miracle!!

"Little Justina"

MARK 11:24 - Listen to me. You can pray for anything. If you believe, you have it. It's yours.


  1. :'-) Oh Lord, please take care of this little one. Adopt her as your child Father.

  2. Did the Little Princess get treatment. I just read this post and it just touched my heart.